Breast Feeding in Public

Holy cow this is a hot topic!

I want to start by saying, it doesn’t matter to me how you feed your babies, as long as they are fed.  My boys were on formula for a while.  They’ve had pumped milk.  They are now EBF (hello refusing bottles).  Just feed your kids!

I honestly never thought I’d be one to nurse in public.  I have nothing against it; I’m just so painfully shy.  Then my opinionated sons decided bottles were stupid and refused them.  Awesome not having to wash them again.  Crappy for when dad wants to help.  Or for baby sitters.  Or for not nursing in public.

I hate seeing moms shamed for feeding their kids in public.  You don’t have to hide behind a blanket to eat your burger, why should a baby hide to eat his milk?

That being said, I’m still not 100% for going uncovered myself.  Again, painfully shy.  I’m also pretty quick to run to my car or separate room if I have to.

Someday I’ll be brave like other women.  Someday.



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