You Don’t Have to do Everything Together

I know it’s a shock to some couples, but you don’t have to do everything together. 

Don’t yell at me.  I also think a majority of things you do should be together (duh, you’re a couple) but for goodness sake, be yourself too.

And then comes kids.

After our babies were born, I found myself getting bitter towards my husband whenever he did anything without us.  Including showering.  I mean, how dare he get a 5 minute bathroom break when I haven’t even had a breath all day?

Whenever this ugly side of me rears it’s head, I realize I haven’t had alone time in a while.

So on top of me telling you it’s OK to let your spouse have a moment, it’s also OK to ask for one yourself.

Find the rhythm that works for your family.  But I’m telling you, it’s worth it to have some alone time.  You don’t have to be attached 24/7.


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