Stay At Home Parents: What do you do to keep from going crazy?


Having the ability to stay home with your littles is absolutely a blessing.  I have no regrets putting my career on hold in order to stay home with my offspring.

Let’s face it though, it can be a very lonely gig.

Yes, you have small humans with you 24/7.  But it’s not the same.  You have to change so much of your identity and way of life that sometimes it can straight drive you crazy.

Here are some things I do in order to keep my wits about me:

Get out of the house.

This one’s not easy for everyone.  I get it.  I have twins, getting out of the house is not the easiest thing.  However, it’s key to me feeling human.  So whether it’s just a walk around the block, it a meet up with other mommy friends, I make it priority to get out at least once a day.

It’s ok to have a little screen time.

My boys aren’t big fans of TV; but they will flip their lids if they hear Signing Time come on.  Rachel is a hero over here.  I’m not big on tons of screen time, but sometimes mommy needs a minute to make coffee or use the bathroom without screaming.  You won’t ruin your children and you aren’t a bad parent.  I promise.

It’s ok to turn off the TV.

Yes I know it’s a bit contradictory.  Sometimes you just can’t handle one more second of those damn kid songs.  Turn off the TV.  It might cause a small uproar, but then they will remember how to play.  Play with them.  Get yourself if the couch and let the cushions breathe.

Get everyone dressed.

I know all too well the struggle of getting everyone out of jammies and into real clothes.  Even if you have no grand plans, it’ll make you feel a bit more human to be dressed.  It’ll also feel like you’ve accomplished at least one thing during the crazy day.

What are some things you do to help keep you out of the nut house?


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