Where are my ZzZzs?!

Let’s talk sleep training.  I know it’s a sketchy subject in some circles, but it’s a very real concern in our house right now.  We have a system set up that allows most of us to get some sleep at night.  But honestly?  It sucks.  We are rounding very close to a year of this system, and I’m over it.

We put them in their cribs after they fall asleep, they stay there for an hour, wake up screaming, then Mr. E takes one to our room to sleep and I get the other on the couch.  (It’s a very comfy couch and I fit better than my husband.)

I’m tired of not owning our room.  My son spends more time in there than I do! 

To add insult to injury, they refuse to nap correctly.  They will only fall asleep in the car or on me.  Uuuugh.

I know we dug ourselves these holes.  It worked for a while.  At month 15, it’s not working anymore.

So we’ve decided to sleep train.

We’ll start it soon.  We are done traveling for a few months.  Both are almost done with the colds they had.  It’s time.

I’m terrified because I know it’s going to involve a good amount of crying from all of us; but man am I excited for the outcome.

Any advice?  How did you get your twins to sleep correctly?


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