Trying to feed the toddler-saurus-rex

Those of you who have toddlers know just how real the struggle to feed them can be.  In a matter of minutes they can go from loving one food, to thinking it’s the worst thing in the whole wide world.

I wish I was exaggerating.

When we were just starting solids with our little guys, we decided to use Baby Led Weaning.  Since it was strange territory for both of us, we decided to take a class offered by our local birth center.  We learned not only how to safely start BLW, but how to help our children gain the tools they needed to become successful eaters throughout their lives.

Here are some of the things we took away from the class, and some that we started on our own:

✔They will NOT starve themselves.

This is important to start with.  It’s hard for us as parents to watch our children sit in front of a beautifully prepared meal and refuse to eat.  Not only is it a stab to the ego, we really don’t want the little critters to go hungry.  They won’t.  If they are hungry, they will it!

✔I provide, they decide.

I refuse to be a short order cook.  I will provide one meal at a time.  There is always at least one thing one their plates that they recognize and have eaten.  If they decide not to eat it, or not try it, that’s on them.  They don’t get extra snacks (outside of snack time), they don’t get to eat something else for that meal.  Sometimes it takes 20+ exposures to a food before they’ll try it, and that’s ok.  They’ll get there.  I won’t force them.

✔Let meal time be relaxing and fun.

If you are stressing out and trying to force them into something, they are less likely to stick to it.  I bet you’re the same way.

✔Routine is key.

Sit in the same place.  Eat at the same times.  Eat as a family.  All of you eat the same thing. 

All of this will help, I promise!

So what does a meal look like for us?  I took before and afters of our lunch today:


One guy just about cleared his plate, the other pecked at it.  But it’s ok!  They both are what they needed and will last until our next scheduled snack.

Let me know if you have questions!  I love to share.


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