The Elusive Sleep

Sleep is such a hot topic among parents.

Sleep training.


Where they sleep.

How they sleep.

When they sleep.

Why they sleep.

And everyone and their brother seems to have an opinion; even if they don’t have any kids!

Well, we did it over here.  We jumped on the sleep bandwagon.

You see, we got spoiled the first 6 months of their tiny lives.  They slept through the night.  They slept in their bassinet.  They even slept in their room!  Only waking once or twice a night to feed.

Then they turned 6 months old and it all went to shit.

They learned how to crawl.  They learned how to eat real food.  They learned how to be people.

I don’t know if you know this (we sure didn’t) but apparently babies like to practice all the new skills they learn while they’re trying to sleep.  Because that makes sense.

We panicked.  Our nice restful nights were ripped from us.  It hurt more than a band-aid being pulled of arm hair.  More than duct tape being yanked from an eyebrow.  More than being hit on the tip of the nose with a water balloon.  (dude, don’t laugh.  That hurts so bad!)

We did what any sane person craving sleep would do….what ever it took.

We would nurse them to sleep, lay them in their beds for a few hours until they woke up screaming, then take them to bed with us.  One of us would get the couch (don’t judge, it’s comfy) and the other the bed.  We couldn’t all sleep in the bed because of course our twins don’t actually like cuddling with each other. Worst. Twins. Ever.

This worked for a while; but it wasn’t a good solution for us.  We have nothing against co-sleeping.  We just missed being in the same bed.  So we decided to sleep train.

I have to tell you, it worked.


Better than I ever thought it would.  The first night was rough for all of us; but it got better.  It’s still a work in progress, but I’m proud of them.  I can tell they were ready too because of how well they’re doing.  I’ll go into a little more detail on what we did in another post.

For those of you on the edge about what to do: just go with your gut.  You’ll know when it’s time.  You’ll know what’s right for your family.  Don’t let others tell you what to do.  Only you know the inner workings of what’s going on.  Only you know the whole story.


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