The Playground Conundrum

Having twins provides a whole special bag of issues.  We have to buy double of most things.  We have to worry about two kids meeting milestones.  We have to make sure two kids avoid choking at the dinner table.  We have to make sure two kids don’t drown in the bathtub.

I’m not being a martyr by any means, but dang.  It’s a special kind of hard.

Instert playgrounds here.  Just another ploy to make a twin mom’s head spin.  It’s every toddler’s dream; my nightmare.

  • So many things for them to fall off of! {yes it’s healthy for them to get bumps and bruises but at a year and a half old their prowess at climbing is not as good as they think}
  • Too many open spaces!  {my toddlers like to run.  All toddlers like to run.  Mine just run in two seperate directions at once.  So then I have to choose who to save.  Let’s be real, it’ll come down to who was nicer to me that morning.}
  • What the heck are they eating?!  {I’ve never been that mom who worries too much about what they’re eating….but have you ever changed a diaper after they ate a ton of sand?  It’s not fun.}
  • Other kids.  {I socialize my boys with other kids all of the time.  Minimum twice a week.  But playgrounds are a special sort of hell.  Parents are never paying attention.  I have to stop bigger kids from knocking down my kids.  And I have to stop my kids from being that jerk too.  Trying to do that with two is near to impossible.}

I can’t wait until they’re mature enough to go to playgrounds.  I want to see them run around and have fun.  Some day.  Today is not that day.
How did you deal with playgrounds when your multiples were under two?


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