5 Simple Sensory Bins


Can I start by saying how simply amazing sensory bins are?!  I should have started them sooner, seriously.

If you have no idea where to start, or even what they are, pop on over to Busy Toddler and check it out.  Everything I’ve tried so far I’ve gotten from this wonderful blog.  I cannot sing her praises enough.  I’m going to go into some detail about which activities I’ve tried out, but please!  Take, adjust, and use what you can.


Rice Bin

Simple concept, I put a small container of rice, a few different sized scoops, and told them to scoop the rice into the ice tray.  (all of this inside a bigger container to help a little with the inevitable mess)  They took their job so seriously!  This was my first try, so I was pleasantly surprised.

Pasta Bin

Same concept as the rice bin, but with tongs instead of scoops.  One of my guys struggled quite a bit with this one.  I could see his poor little muscles working hard.  He was finally able to get it the second time we tried the tongs out.

PomPom Push

This was so much fun!  They loved pushing the pompoms into the holes.  They seriously went at it for over half an hour before they got bored and tried new things out.  It ended in them putting the pompoms in the box and shaking them all over the place LOL

Pipe Cleaners

I ordered two empty spice containers from Amazon.  They had to push the pipe cleaners through the little holes on the container.  One of my guys (the one who struggled with the tongs) excelled with this!  The other guy, I had to adjust by allowing him transfer the pipe cleaners to the bigger hole.  They really loved this one!


The basic idea of this was to place the stickers along the line that I drew.  Good in concept, not as good in reality.  This was the first time they’d ever been allowed to play with stickers though, so we’ll try again!  They really really really loved the stickers.  If I had let them do it for hours they would have.  But I didn’t have that many stickers!  Pro tip: they haven’t figured out how to take the stickers off the sheet yet, so I bent them a little to make it easier but still allowed for independence.


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